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Fargo, Moorhead 和 West Fargo 全年有非常多的免费休闲活动。少部分可能须付费或事先登记。资料不足之处请大家踊跃补充!

Fargo Library Events

Fargo Parks Events

Moorhead Library Events

Moorhead Parks Events

West Fargo Library Events

West Fargo Park Events

FM Convention and Visitor's Bureau

Fargo Monthly

文艺活动及其他免费门票 Metro Art Pass (free from library, but will take 3 to 5 months to arrive, and it's valid for 3 weeks)

免费电影 Free Family Movie Tickets: (只限West Acres Cinema, 必须先下载及打印免费电影票)

生日特惠 Free Birthday Perks (Some requires registration by the month before your birth month)